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They are your companion, best friend, protector and exercise buddy. For all their unconditional love and trust, your pets depend on you to keep them healthy, happy, and living a long life. They enrich your life in so many ways, and the dedicated pet owners in Middle Tennessee turn to Southern Veterinary Center LLC for their experience and compassionate care. ​

family with a new puppy

Tips Before Getting A Pet

Have you thought about getting a new addition to your family?Adding a new, furry member to the family is a big commitment and we want to make sure that you are ready to take on that responsibility.

A lot of people who get pets when they are not ready did not realize how much work it takes to have a pet. Read some of our tips before making the next big step in your family's life.

Our Tips

Our Client Testimonials & Reviews

We value our clients’ experience at Southern Veterinary Center. Here’s what some of your neighbors are saying about us.